It’s a fact that most men desire me. And I, in return desire their attention.

Whenever I go out, even somewhere mundane like the grocery store – I definitely get the looks, I can FEEL it crawling on my skin! I love it so fucking much. And honestly, I’m not even dressed up super sexy or revealing anything! God blessed me with a curvy body and a pretty face. And just like they can sense desperation, most men can sense the presence of a confident and sexy woman, and I am definitely her. I don’t have to do anything and I get random, surprisingly good-looking (and did I mention young?) men following me to my car, offering to carry my groceries. And I let them.

It may seem very dangerous that I do this – bringing random strangers home to my bed. But in reality, I don’t do this every single day; I’m not an idiot. I’m very careful about it actually, I think women are just better at cheating. I always let the guy know right off the bat that I am a happily married woman who happens to be alone all day from 9am to 5pm so if you have a problem with that, then we should go on our separate ways.

But let’s be honest here, no man can ever…ever ever ever…resist me. No man has ever said no.

So what happens after that, you ask? Well you should call and find out baby; a smart woman never tells her business.

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Why even go to the beach if you’re not going to show off that rockin’ bod?? Not these women! These MILFs are NAUGHTY, attention seeking whores – they secretly love it when men ogle their big boobs practically spilling out of that super skimpy, bikini top. Or when their shorts are practically riding up those butt cheeks, or when their entire body jiggles and their nipples pop out from jumping into the cold, ocean water. And how about those ladies who don’t swim at all but just lay out on the beach with their butts up, bare chest pressed down on their towel, getting a nice golden tan? Don’t you just want to rub oil all over that & get it slippery WET??

Don’t miss out baby, call & tell us your ultimate beach girl fantasy!

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Phone Sex hot MILF in the kitchen

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Welcome to 5 MINUTE MILFS, where we LOVE young guys like you! That’s right baby—you know we crave that YOUNG COCK…and we know you want what we’ve got too: sexual expertise, and that confidence that just drives you wild! They don’t call us “COUGARS” for nothing…when we spot our “prey”, nothing can stop us from taking what we want! Some of our favorite things include secretly fucking our son’s friends, cuckolding our poor old husbands, and seducing the neighborhood boys. I’ve personally fucked four of my son’s football buddies, the lawn boy, the pool boy, the young cable guy, the 18 year-old next door on his college break, and the last few handymen my hubby hired, to name a few! I love how eager and excited young guys are…what can I say? This cougar loves fresh meat! And my girlfriends here are just like me: they have an insatiable hunger for young guys like YOU. So don’t just sit there staring at the screen with a nice, fat hard-on, boy…call us up and let a skilled older SLUT suck and fuck you dry!