It’s that time of the year again, and I always have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I get to see my family – bond, spend quality time together and reminisce about random things. On the other hand, I can’t get as naughty as I want to (poor me)! :(

But then maybe, just MAYBE I’ll get to sneak away for a bit and have some time to myself. My husband is a heavy sleeper so he really has no clue. I’d especially love it if you called me and we can get off together – perhaps you’re busy too so it doesn’t have to be too long. Maybe even just a quickie – just as long as we both CUM! Are you game, honey?

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Summer’s about to end, but don’t worry hun. Just because we’re about to bundle up doesn’t mean we can’t get cozy, right? My kids are back in school which leaves PLENTY of time for you and I to fool around. So come on baby, make your hot MILF/Cougar/mature lady fantasies cum true & call. Can’t wait to hear you cum for Mommy! Mmmmm…

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Why even go to the beach if you’re not going to show off that rockin’ bod?? Not these women! These MILFs are NAUGHTY, attention seeking whores – they secretly love it when men ogle their big boobs practically spilling out of that super skimpy, bikini top. Or when their shorts are practically riding up those butt cheeks, or when their entire body jiggles and their nipples pop out from jumping into the cold, ocean water. And how about those ladies who don’t swim at all but just lay out on the beach with their butts up, bare chest pressed down on their towel, getting a nice golden tan? Don’t you just want to rub oil all over that & get it slippery WET??

Don’t miss out baby, call & tell us your ultimate beach girl fantasy!

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